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The Client and nothing but the Client

All too often, it is out of desperation that project management professionals try to ‘save’ a project that has taken an unfortunate turn. Risk management remains the cornerstone of the whole process, the word risk is itself daunting.

According to a study from the Standish Group, only 16% of projects in information technology are delivered on time and budget and meet client expectations. And 30% of projects are never even delivered!

The very first reason our clients cite in underlining why they have been so satisfied with our services is our exactitude. This would seem an obvious and essential quality to have in a field like ours, but talking about it and delivering the goods professionally are worlds apart. Our many years of experience, the pure grassroots nature of our expertise, and the flexibility of our own management structure all contribute sizeably to reducing the risks inherent in delivering successful projects.

And of course other, just as significant reasons motivate clients to entrust us with their plans: both the diversity of the various processes we recommend and the ingenuity with which we integrate them, as well as the tight follow-up we apply to every aspect of a mandate from  its schedule, budget and quality control.

It all adds up to confidence. On both sides of the equation.  A look at our portfolio will quickly confirm that
MCI - Gestion de Projets professionalism has reaped both excellent results ... and some prestigious awards. Certainly it’s pleasing to a client to get an industry prize for excellence, but ultimately there’s an even more reassuring sense that comes with it; that one has had the sound judgement to pick the right  people to help do the job.