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Most of us acknowledge the criticality of a rigorous cost management. However, it is often not performed as rigorously as it should for many reasons. Cost management objective is to correctly (and continuously) assess and track project overall costs.

Our projects leads and PCO’s track with the rigor required by their customers the project costs. They ensure:

  • Costs are evaluated according to the jointly agreed pre-conditions and hypothesis,
  • Incurred costs are tracked and validated,
  • Forecasted costs are validated,
  • Final cost is estimated at project closure,
  • Costs deviations are analyzed and corrective measures are proposed.

Our consultants will provide you with the updated data required for a better making decision process. You will thus be able to act proactively. We have highly skilled consultants in project’ cost management. More, our PCO’s professional services allows to considerably ease the burden of a project lead.