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More and more organizations integrate PCO’s (Project Control Officers) to their activities with mission of tracking projects progression and assisting project leads.

Our PCO’s contributes to the implementation of the key ingredients to successful projects. They assist project leads and their customers in the identification, definition, and implementation of the project management tools and processes.

Our customers recognizes the specialized services offered by our PCO’s, as they reduce risks through strict control of the goals, schedules, outstanding issues, change requests, and deliverables costs of quality. Our services allows project leads to:

  • Invest more of the available time to the other (than project control) project management activities (e.g. strategies, operations, communications, politics),
  • Always keep an exact image of progress, costs, and return value,
  • Rapidly identify deviations to planning and proactively (rather than reactively) mitigate these,
  • Maintain better credibility throughout a project initiative by an harmonious conduct of projects,
  • Better manage risks.

This winning teamwork between the project leads and the PCO consultant improves significantly projects odds of success. PCO added value has a direct lever effect on the productivity of a project team.  

Our PCO’s skills and experience gained on either single projects or projects aggregates allows them to easily adapt themselves to various environments.