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Our mission is nothing less than total commitment to each and every client we serve.  And with this commitment comes the promise of an involvement that remains consistent and unwavering, so that we can not only guide but inspire the professionals we are working with and ensure that they reach their goals with confidence and energy.

Providing highly specialized services in the field of project management and organizational change management, our mandate is to help our clients carry through their plans creatively and successfully by sharing our in-depth experience, without reservation.  In close collaboration with each one of our clients, we guarantee as much attention will be paid  to schedules, budgets and to meet client satisfaction.  These factors are not only priorities, but it is only when all three are part of a balanced synergy that a truly successful and rewarding client relationship can ensue.  And this calls for exceptional discipline and dedication, not to mention talent.

Welcome to MCI - Gestion de Projets, Project Management.

François Thibault, PMP