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Sometimes it happens that a project does not deliver what the client expected to obtain, despite the fact that the execution of all required tasks appeared to have been adequate.

This is why more and more businesses realize the necessity to use the services of a specialist who is able to:

  • Identify and formulate the actual business needs in addition to what could have been expressed and,
  • Translate and synthesize those needs in a language that will be understood by the IT specialists.

Additionally to identifying and translating the business needs, it is the role of the Business Analyst to:

  • Understand the structure, policies and processes of the organization,
  • Facilitate the communications between the numerous stakeholders both inside and outside the organizational unit,
  • Perform the required tasks and use the techniques appropriate to the project,
  • Recommend solutions that will be able to reach the objectives,
  • Define and identify the capabilities required to realize the solution.
Once implemented the Business Analyst will ensure that the solution delivers to the client the benefits that were expected.