Organizational Change Management

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Our organizational change management services range from the management of one or more projects / programs to the implementation of a change management practice. Our experts support you both in the strategic thinking of your organizational transformation and in the adoption of changes by your organization.

Here is a brief overview of our professionals by expertise:

  • Change management: operational specialist in change management, strategic & methodological advisor.
  • Training: material and content designer and developer, training logistic manager and trainer.
  • Communication: strategic communication advisor, technical writer, graphic designer.

Regardless of the type of change (cultural, structural, procedural or operational) and regardless of the methodologies you use (Waterfall, Agile, Kanban, etc.), our expertise and know-how allow us to integrate your project teams to support managers and their teams in:

  • Coordination and selection of professionals in change management;
  • Identification of stakeholders and impacted groups;
  • Engagement strategy of managers and their teams;
  • Gap analysis from the initial situation and the desired state;
  • Organizational and team impact and risk analysis;
  • Development of strategic deployment plans;
  • Regular risk and issue management;
  • Definition of post-deployment support strategies;
  • Development of communication strategy;
  • Writing and graphic designing of communications;
  • Development of training materials;
  • Delivery and management of training logistic;
  • Development of organizational methodology in change management;
  • ect.

Our experts will be with you, based on your needs, from the start until the end of all your projects. We maintain frequent follow-up with our customers and our experts to ensure the constant satisfaction of our customers.

Our motto: To deliver and change without losing our bearings!